Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries

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Special sections of sites designed for segments of the service population are increasingly part of library offerings.



Reader's advisory has not disappeared from the list of functions libraries traditionally perform. The following are a few examples of Web versions of this service:


~~ E-Journals ~~


News of library-related Internet innovations often appears in these publications:


~~ Local Databases ~~


Libraries' creation and provision of access to local information has taken on new life on the Internet -- these are just a few examples:


~~ "My Library" Personalized Interfaces ~~


Customization is a relatively new concept that is beginning to find its way into the online library "scene." An excellent guide on the topic is available from the University Libraries of Notre Dame.

  • from the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County [NC]
  • HeadLine (personalized information environment demo) from the British Library of Political and Economic Science at the London School of Economics
  • MyLibrary Interface [University of Leicester]
  • My Library from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • My UCLA
  • My Reference Tools from Hennepin County [MN] Library   


~~ Newsletters, Blogs & Wikis ~~


Communicating news of the library to patrons of both physical and virtual collections takes many forms.


~~ Site News & Evaluation ~~


Essential to the online librarian is news and evaluation of sites. These are a few of the best rating and notification services.


~~ Special Collections & Online Exhibits ~~


Digitization of collections and online exhibits allow broad access to unique materials. The New York Public Library presents an online guide to planning digital projects for historical collections. The Digital Library Federation provides information about developing digital collections and managing networked information.


~~ Tutorials/Guides ~~


BI in the "new world" of electronic resources...


~~ Virtual Reference Desks ~~


~~ Virtual Tours ~~


A few examples of using the virtual library to describe its physical counterpart.


~~ Web Forms ~~


Web forms increasingly allow online provision of services formerly reserved for "inside the walls" transactions.


~~ Miscellaneous Helpful Sites for Cybrarians ~~


Increasingly, our community is sharing its knowledge of webwork with others.

Publicado el 17/10/2011